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Unlocking Agility, Efficiency, and Innovation in Enterprise IT Applications With AveriSource Platform™️ 2.0

In this white paper, you'll learn how AveriSource Platform™️ 2.0 transforms mission-critical mainframe apps to the cloud using AI-powered modernization.

Transforming Mission-Critical Mainframe Applications to Cloud With AI-Powered Modernization

Transforming Mission-Critical Mainframe Applications to Cloud With AI-Powered Modernization

Despite the rise of cloud technologies and adoption of AI solutions, mainframe systems still hold significant importance in numerous organizations, demonstrating their longstanding value and relevance in the IT landscape. Mainframes serve as the foundational structure for various mission-critical applications by providing strength, reliability, and security to crucial business processes. Nonetheless, an increasing need for modernization of these legacy systems is noticeable, motivated by the necessities for flexibility, scalability, and innovation.

AveriSource Platform 2.0 offers a comprehensive approach to tackle challenges brought by legacy applications. By utilizing AI-powered analysis, business rules extraction and code transformation capabilities, AveriSource empowers organizations to mitigate technical debt, enhance agility and performance, and simplify the application modernization process.

Moreover, AveriSource Platform 2.0 initiates a significant shift in DevOps practices, supporting mainframe application delivery with agile development methodologies and CI/CD pipelines. This capability, enabled through AveriSource Platform 2.0, enhances collaboration between business analysts, developers and architects, which results in faster modernization planning and delivery and efficiency improvements across the software delivery process.

AveriSource empowers organizations by embracing cloud-native architectures and microservices, enhancing application modernization efforts. By migrating legacy applications to modern cloud-based solutions, organizations can achieve greater scalability, flexibility, and resilience. This approach helps organizations meet the evolving demands of the organization and end users.

Additionally, the adoption of AveriSource Platform 2.0 addresses the growing talent and skills gap present in proprietary mainframe systems and legacy languages, providing organizations with the tools and capabilities needed to effectively attract next generation talent and navigate modern IT ecosystems.

White Paper Overview

In this white paper, you'll learn how the AveriSource Platform provides a simplified route to modernization and the seamless transformation of legacy applications into cloud-native environments.

Additionally, you'll walk away with insights in the following areas:

  • The Market Landscape for Mainframe Modernization
  • The Dual Trajectory of Mainframe Systems (Hybrid Model)
  • Trends in Mainframe Modernization
  • How the AveriSource Platform 2.0 Provides Value

To access your complimentary copy of this white paper, click the download button below.

Steven Dickens

VP & Practice Lead, The Futurum Group

"Looking ahead, the introduction of AveriSource Platform 2.0 stands as a turning point for the company and the entire industry of mainframe modernization. The incorporation of AI-driven capabilities signals a fundamental shift in organizations' strategies for legacy system transformation, positioning AveriSource as a key player in this ongoing evolution. AveriSource Platform 2.0 is more than just a technology offering; it symbolizes a forward-looking perspective for mainframe and midrange applications."