AI-Powered, Data-Driven Application Modernization

Our award-winning platform empowers organizations to plan and deliver the optimal modernization journey. Scan, Inventory, Discover, Analyze, and Transform existing applications using a strategic, contextualized approach.

“The AveriSource Platform™️ has been instrumental in mitigating risks throughout our modernization projects by providing us with a comprehensive platform that offers deep insights, accurate analysis, and efficient code transformation, ensuring a smooth and successful modernization journey.”

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Siva Sreeraman
VP & CTO, Global Head, App Modernization, Mphasis

“CGI Federal and AveriSource successfully partnered to accelerate modernization of a government client’s legacy applications through expediting requirement gathering and validation, resulting in successful migration of numerous applications from COBOL to AWS.”

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David Falke
Vice President, Health and Social Services, CGI Federal

“We strategically partner with AveriSource to provide our customers with a data-driven platform that comprehensively evaluates their legacy landscape, identifies ideal candidates for modernization, and determines the most effective modernization strategy for their business—whether that is a full AI-powered transformation or simply documenting existing functionality.”

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Vijay Narayanan
Head of Banking & Capital Markets Americas, Birlasoft

Why AveriSource?

AveriSource solves modernization challenges with unmatched technology coverage and analysis, customized tiered packages, and AI-driven code generation for any stage of your transformation journey.

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Unrivaled Language & Platform Support

Modernizing multiple legacy technologies is a challenge and most tools lack comprehensive coverage.

Address a wide range of legacy systems and ensure compatibility with existing application portfolio.

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Optimized for All Modernization Stages

A one-size-fits-all approach limits scalability and adaptability, reduces efficiency, and leads to higher costs.

Tailor your modernization journey with modular packages that align with your organization's unique requirements.

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graphic design showcasing averisoft's deep analysis with AI driven code generation with their application modernization platform.

Deep Analysis with AI-Driven Code Generation

Incomplete or surface-level analysis can jeopardize the accuracy and effectiveness of code generation and modernization efforts.

Identify complex relationships, dependencies, and business logic in your environment and use AI models to build new code.

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An Industry-Leading Platform

With partnerships that span the globe, we’ve teamed up with some of the most innovative technology companies around to help customers meet their goals.

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AveriSource helps customers embrace cloud and application transformation to reduce costs and improve performance, agility, and resiliency.

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Public cloud marketplaces are often an essential part of enterprise customers' buying journeys, so we've made AveriSource Scan available on the AWS Marketplace.

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