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Did you know that you can jump start your modernization journey today? Our self-service product, AveriSource Scan, can give you an overview of your application’s technology and highlight key risk factors.
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We’d love to show you our platform and answer questions on a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Application modernization—also known as legacy application modernization—is the process of updating, optimizing, or transforming an existing application or set of applications for future use. Read more about building an application modernization strategy, the various modernization patterns, and using AI-powered application modernization tools to reduce the time, cost, and risk of complex modernization initiatives here.

The AveriSource Platform supports the following technologies:


  • IBM z/OS, MVS, z/VSE, z/TPF, LinuxONE
  • ​IBM AS/400, Power, iSeries​
  • Unisys Dorado/OS2200, Libra/MCP​
  • Fujitsu GS21HPE Tandem/NonStop​
  • HPE OpenVMS


  • PL/1
  • Natural
  • RPG
  • Assembler
  • Easytrieve
  • Model-204
  • ObjectStar
  • SAS
  • Job Control (JCL, CL, ECL)
  • DDS


  • Db2
  • IMS
  • IDMS
  • VSAM
  • Sequential

Transaction Processing

  • CICS
  • IMS

Target Languages (if using AveriSource Transform)

  • Java
  • C#

The AveriSource Platform packages, Scan, Inventory, Discover, Analyze, and Transform incrementally build on each other so you do not need to purchase multiple packages upfront. AveriSource Inventory contains everything in AveriSource Scan; AveriSource Discover contains everything in AveriSource Inventory; AveriSource Analyze contains everything in AveriSource Discover; and AveriSource Transform contains everything in AveriSource Analyze. This incremental approach aligns value with customer needs in that you only purchase what you need. However, if you purchase one package and then realize you would like additional features, you can always upgrade to a new package.

Yes, the AveriSource Platform is designed with security in mind to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and systems. AveriSource takes security seriously and implements various measures to ensure the platform's security. Some key aspects of the AveriSource Platform's security include:

  • Data Protection: AveriSource does not process sensitive data. The AveriSource Platform only analyzes source code and how the data is handled in the organization, not the data itself.
  • Access Control: The platform implements robust access control mechanisms to ensure that only authorized individuals have appropriate access to the platform and its functionalities. This includes user authentication, role-based access control, and other security measures to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Logging: The platform maintains logging capabilities for source code processing, allowing for monitoring and tracking of processing activities. This helps detect and investigate any suspicious actions.
  • System Hardening: AveriSource follows secure coding practices and regularly updates the platform to address security vulnerabilities. The platform undergoes security testing and assessments to identify and mitigate potential risks.

It is important to note that while AveriSource takes security precautions, organizations must also follow security best practices on their end, such as implementing proper access controls, maintaining up-to-date software, and conducting regular security assessments.

The AveriSource Platform does not process an organization’s data. The AveriSource Platform runs in the organization’s secure environment and only analyzes source code provided to the platform by the customer, which is like a blueprint of how data is handled, but with no handling of the data itself.

The AveriSource Platform can be installed on-premises or in the cloud, depending on the preference and requirements of the organization.

For on-premises installation, the AveriSource Platform is typically deployed within the organization's own infrastructure. This involves installing the necessary software components on dedicated servers or virtual machines within the organization's data center or private cloud environment. The platform's installation then involves following the setup instructions provided by AveriSource, including system requirements and configuration steps.

Alternatively, the AveriSource Platform can be installed in the cloud. In this scenario, organizations can choose a cloud service provider compatible with AveriSource's requirements and deploy the platform on virtual instances or containers provided by the cloud provider. This cloud-based installation allows for scalability, flexibility, and reduced infrastructure management responsibilities.

Regardless of the installation location, the AveriSource Platform requires access to the legacy code to be analyzed and modernized. It is important to consult AveriSource's documentation, guidelines, or support resources for specific installation instructions and best practices tailored to the organization's unique needs and requirements.

The AveriSource Platform assists with various modernization techniques, including:

  • Rehost/Replatform: The AveriSource Platform helps organizations assess their legacy environment and plan the migration of applications to new platforms. By analyzing the existing architecture, dependencies, and code interdependencies, it provides insights that facilitate a smooth and successful rehosting/replatforming process. The platform can also identify utilities and third-party products that may not be supported on the target modern platform.
  • Rearchitect/Rebuild: The AveriSource Platform aids in the understanding of the legacy system's architecture, code interdependencies, data handling, and business rules. This understanding enables organizations to make informed decisions about rearchitecting or rebuilding their applications. The AveriSource Platform's analysis capabilities provide valuable insights that guide the modernization process, ensuring efficient and effective transformations.
  • Replace: The AveriSource Platform supports organizations in evaluating replacement options for their legacy applications. By analyzing the legacy system's functionality, codebase, business rules, and dependencies, this information can be used to help identify suitable replacement solutions. The AveriSource Platform helps organizations understand the gaps and overlaps between the legacy and replacement systems, facilitating a smooth transition.
  • Retire: The AveriSource Platform aids in the retirement of legacy applications by providing insights into the application's functionality, code interdependencies, and usage patterns. This analysis helps organizations identify unused or redundant components, enabling them to safely retire those parts of the application that are no longer needed. Understanding application requirements can help with planning decommissioning services such as archival and reporting.
  • Retain: The AveriSource Platform assists in retaining critical functionality and business rules from legacy applications. By capturing the logic, dead and redundant code, code anomalies, and program relationships of the existing code, it ensures that organizations can retain and incorporate the essential components of the legacy system while making improvements. This helps preserve the valuable aspects of the legacy environment while enabling technological advancements.

The AveriSource Platform supports various modernization methodologies by providing in-depth analysis, insights, and documentation that inform decision-making, facilitate smooth transitions, and help organizations achieve successful modernization outcomes.

The generated code produced by the AveriSource Platform is independent and does not depend on any specific JAR files or other libraries owned by AveriSource. This ensures that there is no "vendor lock," meaning organizations are not tied to AveriSource nor are they required to rely on and pay AveriSource for use of the proprietary JAR files for the functioning of the generated code. The AveriSource Platform's code generation functionality aims to provide flexibility and portability, allowing organizations to freely use and maintain the generated code without being dependent on AveriSource or its specific libraries.

AveriSource contributes to the success of a modernization journey through several key factors:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: AveriSource offers in-depth analysis of the legacy environment, including architecture, code interdependencies, and data handling. This analysis provides a clear understanding of the existing system, identifying challenges and opportunities for modernization and in-place optimization.
  • Informed Decision-making: With the insights gained from the analysis, organizations can make informed decisions about their modernization approach. They can evaluate different options, weigh the risks and benefits, and choose the strategy that aligns with their business goals and technical requirements.
  • Agile Approach: AveriSource supports an agile methodology, allowing organizations to make incremental progress and adjust their plans as needed. This flexibility enables them to adapt to changing circumstances, evolving priorities, and unforeseen challenges during the modernization journey.
  • Addressing Complexity: Legacy environments often involve complex technologies and interdependencies. The AveriSource Platform is designed to handle a wide range of legacy technologies and can address the intricacies of complex systems that may pose challenges to other tools. This ensures that the modernization process can effectively encompass the entire legacy environment.
  • Risk Mitigation: The AveriSource Platform minimizes the risks associated with modernization by providing a low-risk evaluation of the legacy environment. By identifying potential issues, such as missing code or third-party dependencies, organizations can proactively mitigate risks and develop effective strategies for minimizing disruptions during the transformation.
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Preservation: The AveriSource Platform facilitates collaboration among stakeholders, including subject matter experts (SMEs) who possess valuable domain knowledge. It also helps analysts and business users better understand the existing code structure and landscape. The AveriSource Platform helps to make sure that critical knowledge is retained throughout the modernization journey, contributing to the success of the project.

By combining comprehensive analysis, informed decision-making, an agile approach, complexity handling, risk mitigation, and knowledge preservation, the AveriSource Platform plays a vital role in making a modernization journey successful. It empowers organizations to navigate the challenges of legacy transformation effectively, resulting in a smooth, efficient, and successful modernization process.

The AveriSource Platform assists customers in selecting a modernization strategy by providing comprehensive insights into their legacy environment. By utilizing the AveriSource Platform's analysis capabilities, customers can gain a deep understanding of their legacy systems' architecture, code interdependencies, and data handling. This knowledge serves as a foundation for making well-informed decisions regarding the most suitable modernization approach.

The AveriSource Platform enables customers to evaluate the risks and benefits associated with different modernization options. It helps identify potential challenges, such as duplicate or dead code, and provides visibility into execution paths and program relationships. With this information at hand, customers can assess the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and impact of various modernization strategies based on the legacy application’s characteristics.

Moreover, AveriSource supports an agile approach, allowing organizations to incrementally make progress and adapt their modernization plans as needed. This flexibility ensures that customers can adjust their strategy based on evolving requirements, technical constraints, and business priorities.

AveriSource offers several advantages for evaluating and modernizing your legacy environment. It provides a low-risk solution to assess your legacy systems and use the analysis to make informed strategic decisions and plans, supporting the success of your modernization project. With its agile approach, the AveriSource Platform allows organizations to make incremental progress and necessary adjustments along the way. Additionally, the AveriSource Platform supports a wide range of legacy technologies, making it capable of handling complex legacy environments that many other tools cannot.

AveriSource Transform uses AI techniques such as cluster analysis, pattern matching, templates, and programming language models to generate modernized code in a new target language.

  • Cluster Analysis: Cluster Analysis is the task of grouping a set of objects in such a way that objects in the same group (called a cluster) are more like each other than to those in other groups (clusters). In AI and machine learning, clustering algorithms are often used to understand and categorize data, especially when labels are not known ahead of time.
  • Pattern Matching: Pattern matching involves identifying and matching specific structures or sequences within data or code. It allows for the recognition of predefined patterns or regularities, enabling efficient searching, extraction, and processing of information. Pattern matching plays a vital role in various AI applications, such as text mining, image recognition, and data analysis.
  • Templates: Templates refer to predefined structures or patterns that serve as placeholders for variable elements. They allow for the creation of reusable and customizable components in software development. Templates are commonly used in AI applications for tasks such as generating dynamic content, producing adaptive user interfaces, or creating flexible data-driven models.
  • Programming Language Models: Programming language models are AI models trained specifically on programming languages. These models learn to understand and generate code, aiding tasks like code completion, code generation, and automated code analysis.

These techniques enable AveriSource Transform to perform efficient data analysis, processing, and intelligent generation of new code. Our AI powered approach provides structured standardized code that’s highly maintainable.

The cost of the AveriSource Platform is determined by the packages you choose to purchase to fit your unique modernization journey. The pricing of the packages themselves is based on the size of your codebase and the type of package. Please schedule a demo or reach out to us at for help with pricing.

The AveriSource Platform is a software product that is designed to change the way organizations handle application modernization. With its data-driven, AI-powered approach, the AveriSource Platform offers an adaptable and modular product for organizations to efficiently inventory, discover, analyze, and transform their existing applications into modern frameworks, making modernization faster, easier, and less risky.

The AveriSource Platform can be used standalone or in conjunction with a modernization services engagement. The AveriSource Platform can also be used to help determine if a services engagement is needed, what type of services would work best, and the scope of the services project.

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Begin your modernization journey today—for free!


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Ready to discover how AveriSource can help you?

Ready to discover how AveriSource can help you?


We’ve received your request!

A sales representative will follow up in the next 1–2 business days to schedule a demo.
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Did you know that you can jump start your modernization journey today? Our self-service product, AveriSource Scan, can give you an overview of your application’s technology and highlight key risk factors.
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