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Quickly review your codebase, assess risk, and jump-start modernization. Scan your code for free for 14-days, keep your reports forever.
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Begin your modernization journey today—for free!

Begin your modernization journey today—for free!


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Ready to discover how AveriSource can help you?


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Did you know that you can jump start your modernization journey today? Our self-service product, AveriSource Scan, can give you an overview of your application’s technology and highlight key risk factors.
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Averisource Analyze

Thoroughly inspect legacy application paths, user interfaces, and program flows.

Extract relevant business rules, identify code anomalies, duplicate and dead code, all while ensuring effective documentation, validation, and maintainability throughout the app lifecycle.

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Includes Inventory and Discover
Results delivered in less than 2 day
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Why Analyze?

AveriSource Analyze drills down to the granular levels of the application code analysis to understand critical dependencies to extract and document business rules.

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In-Depth Examination of Execution Paths
Enables organizations to automatically extract relevant business rules, identify duplicate or dead code, and delve into granular details for effective project execution.
Thorough Understanding of User Interfaces, Program Flow, and Application Structure
Facilitates effective documentation and reuse of application components during modernization.
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Identification of Code Anomalies, Duplicate and Dead Code
Aids in reducing the application footprint and improving maintainability by identifying unnecessary code. Additionally, it helps identify programs with deeply nested conditions to further enhance maintainability.
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Code Documentation for Future Maintainability
Provides comprehensive documentation of the existing code, ensuring that organizations can maintain and update their applications more easily in the future.
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Bridge Gap Between Business and Technical Users
Creates an embedded repository and knowledge location with a data dictionary with variable translations, enabling efficient collaboration, preserving critical SME knowledge, and helping business users understand complex commands, rules, and translations.

How It Works


The user specifies a particular entry point for AveriSource Analyze to assess.


The platform evaluates execution paths, user interfaces, and program flow.


The analysis results, presented through a web-based user interface, offer a detailed view of the code structure and underlying business rule logic.

“CGI Federal and AveriSource successfully partnered to accelerate modernization of a government client’s legacy applications through expediting requirement gathering and validation, resulting in successful migration of numerous applications from COBOL to AWS.”

David Falke
Vice President, Health and Social Services, CGI Federal

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have run the code through AveriSource Analyze, you will have a deep understanding of the innerworkings of your codebase. If you decide to convert the legacy code to a modern language, using AveriSource Transform may be appropriate. Contact hello@averisource.com to discuss how we can help you with the next steps.

The AveriSource Platform packages, Scan, Inventory, Discover, Analyze, and Transform incrementally build on each other so you do not need to purchase multiple packages upfront. AveriSource Inventory contains everything in AveriSource Scan; AveriSource Discover contains everything in AveriSource Inventory; AveriSource Analyze contains everything in AveriSource Discover; and AveriSource Transform contains everything in AveriSource Analyze. This incremental approach aligns value with customer needs in that you only purchase what you need. However, if you purchase one package and then realize you would like additional features, you can always upgrade to a new package.

Most projects of 1 million lines of code or less will take less than two days to analyze, however this depends on the specifications of the hardware on which AveriSource Discover is running. Larger projects or less powerful machines will take longer.

The cost of AveriSource Analyze is based on the size of your codebase. Please schedule a demo or reach out to us at hello@averisource.com for help with pricing.

AveriSource Analyze should be used once a thorough understanding of your environment and application architecture is achieved. Use AveriSource Analyze to dive deep into the code, understanding how to make it more efficient and extracting business rules.