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Begin your modernization journey today—for free!


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Ready to discover how AveriSource can help you?


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Did you know that you can jump start your modernization journey today? Our self-service product, AveriSource Scan, can give you an overview of your application’s technology and highlight key risk factors.
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Product Datasheet | AveriSource Scan

Learn more about AveriSource Scan, the starting point for your modernization journey.

AveriSource Scan Datasheet

Within the AveriSource Platform™, the customer journey begins with AveriSource Scan, our freemium offering designed to get you started easily through rapid codebase insights and analysis. Quickly scan your code, assess risk, and plan your modernization journey. Scan provides essential tools needed to build a modernization plan tailored to your business strategy or help you develop one.

The Problem

Businesses don’t often know the specific content and sizing of their application portfolio. The collection and analysis of source code to determine the dependencies, languages, number of components, and lines of code can take even the most sophisticated subject matter experts weeks—or even months—to uncover, with considerable effort and time outside their daily assignments. Determining if there are missing items or if items assessed belong to the specific applications slated for modernization planning is a slow and error-prone task.

Finding software products that accomplish an initial assessment of the legacy application portfolio is easy, but engaging with software and consulting vendors to assist in application component identification and codebase sizing efforts can be a lengthy, laborious, painful, and costly endeavor.

The Solution

With three decades of application modernization experience and over two billion lines of code parsed, AveriSource understands the issues of legacy application modernization planning. For this initial assessment process, we provide AveriSource Scan, our freemium offering and initial assessment product to help IT leaders determine the content and sizing of their application portfolio, tailored to their modernization path of choice for mainframe and midrange systems.

Simply download Scan from AveriSource.com or the AWS Marketplace to get started. Scan is a Windows command line executable. Just provide the location of your downloaded source folder and begin scanning your legacy source code. Scan will automatically recognize COBOL, RPG, JCL, and Assembly language without file extensions, with other languages detected using file extensions.

Learn More

For more information about the use of AveriSource Scan, we invite you to view the datasheet below to discover its full capabilities, as well as download the free codebase assessment tool on our website or the AWS Marketplace.

Interested to see how AveriSource Scan fits into the AveriSource Platform? Contact our team of experts to request a demo.