Averisource Scan

The starting point for your application modernization journey.

Document essential statistics, assess missing and unreferenced files, and receive a complimentary risk assessment tailored to your application.

Runs on Windows. Supports COBOL, RPG, JCL, and Assembler code.

Why Scan?

AveriSource Scan helps organizations quickly and accurately scope, budget, and plan for both maintaining and modernizing legacy applications.

AveriSource product screenshot.
Comprehensive Source Code Analysis
Captures and documents important statistics about the application including size and technology mix.
AveriSource product screenshot.
Risk Assessment
Identifies and assesses multiple risk factors in the source code, providing guidance on severity and next steps.
AveriSource product screenshot.
Optimized Modernization Planning
Calculates the estimated number of hours required for manual modernization, allowing organizations to strategically select optimal candidates and tailor the most effective approach for each application.

How It Works


Extract the zip file to the desired directory containing the source code to be analyzed.


Navigate to the AveriSource Scan folder.


Run AveriSourceScan.exe.


Upon completion, an HTML report will be generated in the Reports folder in the installed directory.

AveriSource Scan sample screenshot.

Want to see exactly what you’ll get in Scan?

The free assessment calculates risk factors: missing files, unsupported languages, total lines of code, control flow/logic complexity, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the code has been scanned, review the generated html report to understand more about the codebase. Based on your risk, you may wish to Inventory, Discover, Analyze, or Transform your codebase. Contact hello@averisource.com to discuss how we can help you with the next steps.

You may use AveriSource Scan for 14 days from the time it is first accessed. If you need a longer duration, contact hello@averisource.com.

AveriSource Scan is the first step in the modernization journey. It will give you an idea of the size of your codebase, the languages you are dealing with, and the risk level of starting a modernization project on that codebase.

Yes. There is no fee for AveriSource Scan.

AveriSource Scan can analyze the code and generate a report in minutes.

Sample AveriSource Scan Report