Averisource Inventory

Develop a comprehensive understanding of your legacy application.

Uncover code insights, identify unused files, and verify environmental completeness for precise planning and decision-making during application modernization.

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Why Inventory?

AveriSource Inventory provides a comprehensive understanding of your legacy estate by detecting missing, unknown, and unused files to aid in accurate resource planning and project timeline predictions.

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Comprehensive Understanding of the Legacy Estate
Allows organizations to fully grasp the contents of their legacy systems, uncovering insights on source languages and ensuring environmental completeness.
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Detection of Missing, Unknown, or Unused Files
Enables organizations to improve the application footprint and maintainability, by identifying missing or unused files.
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Accurate Resource Planning and Project Timeline Estimation
Facilitates precise resource allocation and timeline predictions, minimizing risks associated with incomplete data and enhancing overall project success.
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Assessment of Code Transferability
Identify the languages contained in the legacy environment to determine if the legacy code, or specific portions of it, can be supported by the new target system.

How It Works


User points AveriSource Inventory to the source code.


System automatically assesses all files in the current environment.


A calculation is performed with detailed metrics on source code languages, missing or unused files, and environmental completeness.


Results are accessible through a web-based interface, providing a comprehensive overview of the legacy application and empowering confident modernization.

“CGI Federal and AveriSource successfully partnered to accelerate modernization of a government client’s legacy applications through expediting requirement gathering and validation, resulting in successful migration of numerous applications from COBOL to AWS.”

David Falke
Vice President, Health and Social Services, CGI Federal

Frequently Asked Questions

Most projects of 1 million lines of code or less will take under 30 minutes to analyze, however this depends on the specifications of the hardware on which AveriSource Inventory is running. Larger projects or less powerful machines will take longer.

The AveriSource Platform packages, Scan, Inventory, Discover, Analyze, and Transform incrementally build on each other so you do not need to purchase multiple packages upfront. AveriSource Inventory contains everything in AveriSource Scan; AveriSource Discover contains everything in AveriSource Inventory; AveriSource Analyze contains everything in AveriSource Discover; and AveriSource Transform contains everything in AveriSource Analyze. This incremental approach aligns value with customer needs in that you only purchase what you need. However, if you purchase one package and then realize you would like additional features, you can always upgrade to a new package.

Once you have run the code through AveriSource Inventory, you can ensure that your environment is in shape for modernization, and you have the necessary skills to handle the languages in your environment. If you decide to continue modernizing the code, using AveriSource Discover may be appropriate. Contact hello@averisource.com to discuss how we can help you with the next steps.

AveriSource Inventory starts at $15,000/year and is based on the size of your codebase. Please schedule a demo or reach out to us at hello@averisource.com for help with pricing.

AveriSource Inventory provides a deeper, file-level understanding of your codebase. Use this package after AveriSource Scan to identify specific files and details about your environment, along with more comprehensive language and technology coverage.