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Did you know that you can jump start your modernization journey today? Our self-service product, AveriSource Scan, can give you an overview of your application’s technology and highlight key risk factors.
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Application Modernization Video Series: Getting Started With the AveriSource Platform™️

Stephen Hodges introduces the AveriSource Platform™️ in our application modernization demo video series.

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Application Modernization With the AveriSource Platform

Platform Introduction

What if you could plan and deliver the optimal modernization journey—all within one platform? The AveriSource Platform™️ enables an end-to-end modernization journey for your mainframe and midrange systems using five unique, modular and comprehensive products:

Scan: Analyzes your codebase quickly and accurately to provide insights and application portfolio sizing—for free within minutes

Inventory: Delivers a more comprehensive view of your applications and provides the ability to assess your codebase content and completeness

Discover: Provides a comprehensive look at your application architecture, including component connections and data access patterns

Analyze: Enables you to identify, isolate, and extract the valuable business rules and logic within your application, reduce technical debt, and prepare your code for modernization

Transform: Using customizable, model-driven templates, this product generates highly structured, maintainable, object-oriented Java or C# from legacy languages, without platform or vendor lock-in, or proprietary runtimes

Video Takeaways

In part one of our six-part video series below, you'll learn how to:

  • Build a modernization plan that supports your business strategy by understanding your legacy applications
  • Map the full inventory of your application estate
  • Uncover existing relationships, connections, data handling, data lineage, and application architecture details
  • Analyze complex business rules and deeply-nested code
  • Extract valuable business rules while removing costly technical debt
  • Transform legacy COBOL and RPG to highly maintainable Java or C# code; to microservices for deployment back to the mainframe and midrange platform; or to Docker containers, Red Hat® OpenShift and Kubernetes, or even the cloud.

Technology Support

Stephen Hodges, Director of Solutions, will also run through our patented parser technology that supports over 70 different technology stacks throughout the AveriSource Platform. This technology coverage not only includes IBM mainframe and midrange platforms, but also Unisys, Fujitsu, HPE Tandem/NonStop, OpenVMS, and more. The AveriSource Platform also covers COBOL (ANSI 68, 74, 85, and beyond), all RPG dialects, Assembler (including TPF), PL/I, NaturalModel-204, and ObjectStar, as well as Easytrieve and SAS.

Additionally, he'll cover the target languages, including Java (using SpringBoot, JPA, Hibernate, and SpringSecurity) and C# (in the Entity Framework). Lastly, Stephen will cover the target user interfaces generated by AveriSource Transform, including Angular, React, Vue.js, and REST APIs.

To tie it all together, he'll also dive into how the AveriSource Platform has been leveraged in nearly every industry—from banking and financial services, to manufacturing and logistics, along with U.S. and Australian federal sectors.

Stay tuned for the next video deep dive on AveriSource Scan, but in the meantime, take it for a spin as the starting point in your modernization journey with the free download on our website or within the AWS Marketplace.

🗓️ Curious to see the AveriSource Platform live in action? Set up a personalized demo with myself and the team on our Contact Us page.

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