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Begin your modernization journey today—for free!


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Ready to discover how AveriSource can help you?


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Did you know that you can jump start your modernization journey today? Our self-service product, AveriSource Scan, can give you an overview of your application’s technology and highlight key risk factors.
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Introducing the New AveriSource Application Modernization Blog

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AveriSource Application Modernization Blog on Laptop


To say the last six months have been busy here at AveriSource would be a massive understatement.

Last year, we executed a major rebranding to reflect our shift in market position and company vision. Conceived by veteran product executive Stephanie Walter, this refreshed identity reflected our shift from tech-enabled services to a pure-play software offering in the mainframe and legacy application modernization space.

Stephanie and I also launched the new-and-improved AveriSource website with our updated logo, modern typography, and brand visuals to reflect the concept of bringing the old into the new, with a visual focus on the interconnected nature of mainframe architecture.

With Brandon Walter and Stephen Hodges at the helm, our Engineering and Solutions teams also launched our five updated software packages: AveriSource Scan, Inventory, Discover, Analyze, and Transform. AveriSource Scan, our free codebase assessment tool, went GA so users could accelerate their application assessments — downloaded directly from our website or from our AWS Marketplace profile.

With the release AveriSource Platform™ 2.0 around the corner, we also ramped up our Sales and GTM teams with the addition of app mod industry experts, Emmett Hynous as VP of Sales and Ed Airey as VP of Marketing.

“These go-to-market investments, updated product roadmap, and strategic hires will be critical to our continued growth, as well as the expansion of our partner ecosystem," said David Gutzman, CEO and Managing Partner of AveriSource.

With our revamped platform UI/UX in place, the team knew the next step would be to build a digital vehicle for product updates, technical tutorials, and application modernization resources.

About the Blog

So, without further ado, Ed and I are pleased to announce the AveriSource Application Modernization Blog, where our team of experts can share best practices and innovative approaches to modernizing your legacy applications — on the mainframe or in the cloud.

And as a former journalist-turned-tech marketer, I’ve thrown my hat into the ring as Managing Editor to curate best-in-class content for our subscribers.

Previously, I’ve served as senior editor of CDW’s EdTech Magazines, award-winning tech publications, and led the management of the widely-read CDW Solutions Blog. Since my foray into tech over 10 years ago, I’ve led content and editorial strategy at both startups and Fortune 500 companies, with a focus on enterprise cloud, application security, ITSM, and DevOps practices.

To be a part of building the AveriSource brand has been an honor and I look forward to creating valuable, engaging content for all our readers.

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🚀 Also, stay tuned for more exciting news with the official launch of AveriSource Platform™ 2.0. From application insights and business rules extraction to AI-powered code transformation, this release will enable a true, end-to-end modernization journey for our customers and partners.

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