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AveriSource Launches New AI-Powered Platform and User Experience for Application Modernization

The release of AveriSource Platform™ 2.0 enables an end-to-end application modernization journey for mainframe and midrange systems.

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Launch of AveriSource Platform 2.0

(The following announcement was originally published on PR Newswire.)

Press Release

DALLAS, Jan. 31, 2024 — AveriSource, the leading global software provider of AI-powered, data-driven application modernization, announced today that it has completed a major release of its application analysis and modernization solution. The unveiling of AveriSource Platform™ 2.0 marks a pivotal step in the company's strategic growth plan and its innovative, AI-powered product roadmap. This launch follows a significant investment in its go-to-market and sales capabilities with the recruitment of industry veterans Ed Airey as VP of Marketing and Emmett Hynous as VP of Global Sales.

The AveriSource Platform 2.0 release delivers a new user experience for enterprises planning or accelerating their modernization strategy—on the mainframe or in the cloud. Visually engaging and highly interactive dashboards, alongside in-depth reporting and analytics, deliver an intelligent and guided user experience throughout all phases of the application modernization journey.

"I'm pleased to announce the general availability of AveriSource Platform 2.0," says David Gutzman, CEO and Managing Partner at AveriSource. "This is a game-changing solution that enables our customers and partners to accelerate their modernization strategies while leveraging the very latest in application analysis and intelligence alongside AI-powered code transformation. Our ongoing investment and product roadmap, fueled by customer success, will continue to streamline the modernization journey, harness the power of AI and deliver faster time to value for our customers."

The 2.0 release of the AveriSource Platform includes the following application modernization packages: AveriSource Scan, AveriSource Inventory, AveriSource Discover, AveriSource Analyze and AveriSource Transform™.

Feature Highlights

New User Experience: Designed for business and technical users, AveriSource Platform 2.0 delivers a modern look and feel with visual dashboards, workflows and built-in guidance for end-to-end modernization planning and delivery.

AI-Powered Code Transformation with AveriSource Transform: Accelerate the application rewrite by leveraging Al to transform legacy code, reduce technical debt and fast-track the modernization journey—on the mainframe or in the cloud. Auto-generate up to 95 percent of legacy code using AI-powered AveriSource Transform technology. Leverage a low-code approach to deploy modern, structured and highly maintainable Java or C# code as a full-stack application or microservices with entry points. Improve the user experience and transform legacy green screens to modern Angular projects.

Achieve true portability and utilize generated code independently, free from library dependencies or vendor restrictions. Utilize AI modeling to transform COBOL and RPG code for deployment to any platform, including Docker containers, Red Hat® OpenShift®, Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes environments like Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) or Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Streamline development and testing using your IDE of choice. Generate test APIs and test data that is directly integrated into testing frameworks to improve code quality and test coverage. Leverage popular AI code assistant platforms like Amazon CodeWhisperer, GitHub Copilot or Google Duet AI to complete application transformation projects.

Guided Help and On-Demand Resources: New built-in help resources and reports accelerate the onboarding process for users and deliver contextual assistance to aid analysts, architects and developers in taking meaningful next steps in their modernization projects.

Ability to Run AveriSource Analyze in Subsets: Efficiently evaluate the legacy codebase using AveriSource Analyze. Examine select entry points and accelerate business rule reporting without project or processing delays.

New AveriSource Scan Integration: AveriSource Scan, the freemium codebase assessment solution, is now integrated into the full AveriSource Platform with download availability on the AveriSource website or within the AWS Marketplace. This latest release supports COBOL, RPG, JCL and Assembler for risk assessment and numerous technologies for source statistics.

Enhanced Reporting: Accelerate modernization decision-making with new advanced reporting, including application overview, data lineage and code analysis. Generate a comprehensive view of architecture across programs utilizing intuitive, self-guided tools designed for modernization planning.

AveriSource Builder as a Windows Service: AveriSource Builder is now available as a Windows service. This new capability enables users to run AveriSource Builder unattended to achieve more efficient code analysis and assessment.

Expanded Data Dictionary Support: Now part of AveriSource Discover, the data dictionary accelerates earlier insight and visibility to chosen entry points, programs, variable translation and data structures of interest through the complete application.

Two-Factor Authentication Support (2FA): Application codebase security has been fortified with 2FA support to enable IT teams in monitoring and safeguarding valuable application assets and stored platform insights.

As the application modernization ecosystem continues to evolve, the AveriSource Platform creates new opportunities for those attempting to navigate this complex and ever-changing environment.

"Mainframe modernization is now a priority for many IT leaders," says Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Leader at The Futurum Group, a leading global technology advisory, media and research firm. "As AI, automation and the future of IT talent continue to shape strategy, organizations will look to technology innovators such as AveriSource to help modernize mission critical applications on the mainframe and in the cloud. For enterprises reliant on mainframe or midrange systems, building the right modernization strategy requires an experienced partner and technology roadmap to achieve success. AveriSource is well-positioned to help enterprises achieve their application modernization goals."

Learn more about AveriSource Platform 2.0 on our website and contact us for a demo. Start your modernization journey today with AveriSource Scan to receive a complimentary code analysis and risk assessment.

About AveriSource

Founded and forged during Y2K planning, AveriSource accelerates legacy modernization through application analysis, business rules extraction and AI-powered code transformation. Our mission is to eliminate the time, risk and cost of application modernization—all within a single platform. Trusted by global Fortune 500 companies, the AveriSource Platform™ has analyzed over two billion of lines of code and has enabled more than 250 successful modernization projects. AveriSource is recognized as an AWS Migration and Modernization ISV Partner and is listed on the AWS Marketplace. The AveriSource Platform is comprised of five powerful packages, including Scan, Inventory, Discover, Analyze and Transform. Visit averisource.com to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and X (Twitter).

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